Sofa-Tisch Vintage Stil

Immer, wenn beim Trödler genau das herumsteht, was einem gefällt, ist der Geldbeutel leer und das Konto wieder mal überzogen. Aber wie immer, muss man halt zugreifen! Die ersten Sonnenstrahlen wurden missbraucht, um zu malern - und voilá - da ist der lang gewünschte Beistelltisch zum einsamen Sofa!


Entree in vintage style

In turkey I found a carpet - which fits exactly with my quilt at the door.

my mothers quilt

My mum passed away 2 years ago. Her quilt is now in my living room: In the last 90ties I attended european quilt in Innsbruck. We both attended quilt-classes there. While walking through the shops, she wound a quilt, similar like this and aske, if she can take a foto. Then we choosed together the quilts - and she made the flowers 3-dimensional.

Deco - greek and indian for my living room

2 places in my living room: The greek place and the indian place...

My grandmothers oil-painting

My grandmother had lost everything in 2nd world war. Her farm, all. She started with 0. One day she found a 3x5 cm black-and-white foto about this picture above. She asked an artist in church to paint it in oil for her. When she died last year - with 105 years, I got this and will keep it until I will go to paradise!

A snipple work above my vintage-bed. It's my work. A memory for a specail day...

Piano in antique-white

I got even a piano, which fits into my vintage-style! Thanks God!