Showcasts / Exhibitions

I studied drawing and painting since I was 12 years old: 1968-1972 at "Fern-Akademie für Malen und Zeichnen, Karlsruhe", Germany. I lstudied sewing and stitching and knitting at school for 9 years for and from my mother. She is a taylor. Then I studied sewing at another school direct from a taylor. When I had 2 little kids, I made all clothes for the family myself, even sometimes the patterns. When I was pregnant with my 3d child, Doctor told me to rest at bed! Impossible! So I went to a very active quilt group, and suddenly I saw the endless possibilities to express my art with both techniques: Painting and sewing!
I got trainings with international well-known Quilt-Artists, like for example: Barbara Blattl, Austria, Heide Stoll-Weber, Germany, Nancy Crow, USA, Diana Leone, USA, David Walker, USA. I learned more about colour science, to design quilts, to paint and print on material, fractured landscapes, crazy technique, appliquée, Jackets ...
Showcasts: I showed some of my Quilt-Jackets in World Quilt-Festival V in Lyon, France 1996 (I was on stage with my newborn baby); at Quilt Festival in Innsbruck, Austria 1998 and  in European Quilt-Festival in Strasbourg, France, 2000 
Exhibitions: Second Horizon in UK 1999 European Championship, Koningshof Veldhoven, Netherlands 1999; “World Quilts & Textiles” North Carolina, USA, 1999; Lienz “EigenArt” 1999: 2nd pricer winne for my quilt Hatshepsut; 4th Nürtinger Quilt-Art, Sept 1999; "The Quilt Fairs" Autumn 1999 in Moenchengladbach Quilt-Festival in Strasbourg, France 2000
Roots of Racism:  Member of „Roots of Racism“ – Exhibition of special artist travelled throughout USA and in Pakistan 2000-2003 Tactile Architecture 2001 in Houston, Texas, USA: International Quilt Market and Festival. There is a book available with all quilts of roots of racism.
Single-Exhibitions:  Galerie Heinemann in Weilburg, Hessen, Germany Adventist Church in Idstein 1997 Protestant church in Rüsselsheim, Germany 1999 German Quilt-Festival “Andachtsbilder” in Helmbrechts, Germany International World-Congress of SDAdventist-Church in Toronto, Canada 2000 Adventist Church in Darmstadt, Marienhöhe 2001 Adventist Church in Heilbronn; 2002 Protestant Church in Mörfelden, Hessen, Germany 2005 Galery Ibrahim, Luxor, Egypt.
Quilt-Shows in concerts:  My quilts were shown at several Concerts in Churches, public houses with choires and orchestras of Dr. Guenter Preuss, from 1998 - 2009 in various places from Black forest to Stuttgart, where the 5,20 m long quilt was shown in "Classic nicht with Candle Light", a concert from only young artists.
Memberships: I am Member of "Patchwork-Gilde" Germany, follow since 2003 and since 2007 I am member of Quiltkunst e.V., it’s a quilt-art group in Germany
More art: I published 2 books about egypt, were I worked for several years as study-tour-leader, and opened a horse stable, which still is working until today (see my film at youtube, in german). I made horse-riding trips through egypts desert, and with foto-art I design book-covers and posters for concerts and events.