Lot - don't look back! 2011

Often in our life, we have to choose: Looking back and grieving, - and becoming like a salt stone, or looking foreward, and let Sodom and Gomorrha in our back go to hell - and burn...
Now, at the beginning of 2011, I will do that again: Give my life and the unknown year in God's hand, and do not look back - as Lot and his 2 daughters did:

I wish you a new future in a new year 2011!
(I just read the book of Jasher - chapter 22-, which describes also the corruption in Sodom and Gomorrha. It's there in the internet, everybody can download it. It reminds me a lot to my time in egypt, and to a lot of time I had spent in court rooms: No justice at all! It's written there, that 2 girls of Lot and his wife, remained in Sodom, of course - a mother looked back!)


Merry Christmas!

I wish for everybody a merry christmas and a happy new year. May the smile of God be upon you!

A modern Christmastree as Advents-Calendar - with 24 sacks of material.


Isa al Messiah

I wish to everybody a peaceful christmas feast. As muslim and christian accept, that Isa=Jesus=Yahoshua is born from the virgin Mari(jam).

As the wise men from the east has seen that star, they saddled their camels and came to see the newborn king of the jews. In Jerusalem they told them, it must be the Messiah, which supposes to be born in Bethlehem, which was prophecied so 450 and 700 years before that.

The king Herod wanted to kill the baby Jesus, and an angel appeared to the wise, NOT to go back to Jerusalem. And the angel told Joseph to escape to egypt with Mari(yam) and the baby Jesus - just with their donkey:
 Gnostic people made out of Mari(yam) a queen of heaven - something like Isis - and the catholic church, mentioned in Qu'ran as the wrong followers, still does so:

So - it is much better - to study the holy books ourselves - each in his language, to find out, who Mari(yam) and Jesus had been in reality!


Quilt: Ibrahim - Abraham

 One day, a pastor of a protestant church called me, they need 4 quilts about Abraham. He told me the sizes, and I had to give them the idea. Condition was, that the tent had to look like their church, which was built in Rudolph Steiner Style. We agreed, and it's also published in internet, when we had the church-meeting where I had to tell them, how often I have been in the desert, and slept in a tent like the one from Abraham. They have even muslim kids in that church, when they help them for their school-works, that's why they wanted that theme: Abraham.

I wish, that 2011 I will get more orders from churches!


Quilt Prayer

The quilt was  travelling quiet a lot. Exhibited in Netherland, USA and Canada, and - of course - in germany, is he stored right now in egypt.
Here he is "active" with my brother as dirigent over a classical orchestra.
His last place --- in Luxor.

Quilt Prayer

 It was in the late 90ties when my brother called, and said, he's going to need a huge quilt "prayer". Immediatly I had in mind a quilt, which I've seen in Lyon, the technique is called Barghello. Internet was not, like it is today, but already we made friends with our action round the globus to make YEAR 2K quilts. So I found a friend there, which explained me in a 1 week action, how to make that thechnique and special the one I had in mind! Finally I understood, what she tried hard to make me understand, and I could work.
 The wolrd is made from painted materials - and the hands I painted in acryl and appliqueed them. I remember the day, when it was too much ice on the streets, so we were not able to drive to the church. My 3 kids and me were sitting in the room and I asked them to lift up their hands, so I could draw them, as they pray. Also the 3 years old youngest son. Every time he saw that quilt he explained everybody: Those are my hands!


Hands of God

That's not traditional patchwork: I glued leftovers, materials, whatever I had left from the last work on a wooden plate. Then I painted just colours on it. I glued black wool, and added black paint:
The world, kid's hand and Gods Hand:
I sold it in ebay.

Linolschnitt "Charly"

Just playing around with a picture - even you don't see the original anymore, I like it!


Playing around with Gimp

I just plaid around with gimp, choosed coloures, copied them, and when I thought, it's enough, I finished that picture. I think, A. would be proud of it, if he'ld find it in the net!

Painted silk and painted cotton

White Flower

I searched for a flower, and looked out of the window: in the 2nd floor! There was a tree, and I just took that flower in front of my window: hand quilted:


 Pieced techniques. I sold it for a netherland lady in Hurghada. She brought Nile-earth from Qna to Hurghada, just to grow her tulips and herbs in the desert!

Just Flowers

The taylor in the street gave me all his left-overs from his galabiyas, that's the egyptian dress, all light colours. I arranged the background. And the Flowers I had in my vase, they were appliquée worked ...
A nice memory for my time in egypt:
For the frame I used scarfs with pailettes - you find a lot of coulours in egypt...


Playing with Layers

Just playing around with colour layers...How can I do that with Photo-Impress? Finally I found a way, easy to handle for me: The foto I made in front of my home in Luxor, egypt. Our neighbour brings home his richess: His buffalo cow.