Quilt Prayer

 It was in the late 90ties when my brother called, and said, he's going to need a huge quilt "prayer". Immediatly I had in mind a quilt, which I've seen in Lyon, the technique is called Barghello. Internet was not, like it is today, but already we made friends with our action round the globus to make YEAR 2K quilts. So I found a friend there, which explained me in a 1 week action, how to make that thechnique and special the one I had in mind! Finally I understood, what she tried hard to make me understand, and I could work.
 The wolrd is made from painted materials - and the hands I painted in acryl and appliqueed them. I remember the day, when it was too much ice on the streets, so we were not able to drive to the church. My 3 kids and me were sitting in the room and I asked them to lift up their hands, so I could draw them, as they pray. Also the 3 years old youngest son. Every time he saw that quilt he explained everybody: Those are my hands!

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