Lot - don't look back! 2011

Often in our life, we have to choose: Looking back and grieving, - and becoming like a salt stone, or looking foreward, and let Sodom and Gomorrha in our back go to hell - and burn...
Now, at the beginning of 2011, I will do that again: Give my life and the unknown year in God's hand, and do not look back - as Lot and his 2 daughters did:

I wish you a new future in a new year 2011!
(I just read the book of Jasher - chapter 22-, which describes also the corruption in Sodom and Gomorrha. It's there in the internet, everybody can download it. It reminds me a lot to my time in egypt, and to a lot of time I had spent in court rooms: No justice at all! It's written there, that 2 girls of Lot and his wife, remained in Sodom, of course - a mother looked back!)

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