Welcome in my new blog!

After following lots of friends in their blogs, I will try to do the same: Share with art-friends about my thoughts and experiences with my quilts, fotos, and how my art is growing ... from little fotos - to quilts - or whatever.
If you want to know the story from the quilts above, they are mentioned in my homepage: http://www.brigitte-brenda.de/

If you are an artist, you never stop to be creative. Even if life offers you lemons, you always make a lemonade or a cake. The last 10 years I did make quilts with kids,

and built a house. I rent it out, and went to egypt. There I made some quilts, a lot of carpets and bed-covers, some of them are UFOs. There was an idea to built appartments in an oasis in the white desert. They idea died, the cheaters end up in prison, and I still have some UFOS. Then an shop owner in Luxor asked for little quilts. I made mirror-quilts, just fun ideas.

The owner didn't pay, I left him and started to work in Hurghada. My creativity was asked to paint 2nd hand furnitures. Egypt didn't want me any more there. I found myself back in Germany. No quilts. But Photoshop and Photo-Impact. Writing a book, making little films, and having fun with a good mobile-camera.
All that sudden, I finished one job, had 1 month time to prepare my homepage. I did. A salesman wants to sell my quilts. Wonderful. All this creativity, which was not special on my quilt-art, comes back, like before... Days doesn't have so much seconds, like my mind is creating ideas ...
And you, dear guests, are welcome to follow me!

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